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ADA Website Compliance Lawsuits Have Started…

Thousands of Demand Letters and lawsuits have already been filed against these companies.

Will you be next?


Violations include accessibility, interface, content, coding and other issues…

What is ADA Accessibility?

  1. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) extends to websites
  2. Requires “reasonable accessibility” to people with disabilities
  3. Fines, penalties, and fees can quickly exceed $50,000 and can result in a court-ordered injunction.

Failure to create an ADA-compliant website could open a business to lawsuits, financial liabilities, and tarnish brand reputation.


Is there a tax Credit? YES! Click the image to learn more here

Small businesses with gross receipts of one million dollars and less or those that employ 30 or fewer employees are eligible for the ADA tax credit. Use IRS Form 8826 for these tax benefits (the Disabled Access Credit), and reference Title 26, Internal Revenue Code, Section 44. Tax credits differ from tax deductions—a deduction reduces taxable income and, therefore, the tax owed. Conversely, a tax credit gets subtracted from the tax owed later in the process. For example, you can take a 50% credit up to $10,250 for expenditures over $250, resulting in a $5,000 maximum credit.

We Have The Solution For:

Visual Impairment

  • Screen-Reader Compatibility
  • Font Sizing
  • Color Contrast/Saturation
  • Link Highlighting
  • Dynamic ALT-Tags
  • And more…

Motor Impairment

  • Keyboard Interaction
  • No Mouse Needed
  • TAB navigation
  • ENTER as click
  • Visual Focus Cues
  • And more…

Cognitive Impairment

  • Clear Button Labeling
  • Built-in Dictionary
  • Full Descriptions
  • Slang Translation
  • On-page Definitions
  • And more…

Epilepsy Conditions

  • Stop Flashing Images
  • Pause/Stop Video
  • Avoid Flickering Banners
  • Prevent Seizures
  • Control Animated GIFs
  • And more…

Shure Business Inc. offer Solution for ADA Website Accessibility:

  • Quickly Increases Compliance
  • Improves Website Overall Health
  • Protects Corporate Reputation
  • Enhances Website Usability
  • Provides Long-Term Remediation
  • Helps with Search Engine Results

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?2023-07-22T09:31:08+00:00

The easiest way to get started is to request a quote from us by filling out this form. We’ll contact you to determine the price tier dependent on our web page content and refresh. We will then determine the best way to load the solution, and you will be active in 72 hours.

Will this affect the site’s performance?2023-07-22T09:34:06+00:00


Our solution does not affect the site’s performance.  The system loads asynchronously, so the browser does not wait for its loading to show the user your site or allow the user to take action. The system does not affect site loading times; it loads at full speed, with compressed files (GZIP) and full caching.  The system will not affect the site optimization score.

How much does this cost?2023-07-22T09:28:37+00:00

The question is not how much it will cost, but how much you will save in legal fees, time, and resources to fix the issues.

We have several different options based on the size of your company, the number of webpages, and the number of monthly visits you get to your website.

I don’t have time for this…2023-07-22T09:27:41+00:00

That’s what we’re here for. Most companies have small teams or consultants helping with their HR, IT, website, and legal issues, but those teams are usually inundated with business operations so ADA Compliance, although important, may have to wait in line with other matters unless a company like us gets involved.

We can have you up and running in less than 72 hours.

Here is an abbreviated list that could cause a failure during an ADA Web Accessibility check:

  • Improper text size
  • Missing alt text in images
  • Missing labels for input text types
  • Anchor links with no text
  • Incorrect HR or header tag placement
  • Images with low-contrast (example: grey text on a black background)
  • Incompatible line length and legibility
  • Forms with improper tab ordering

What happens if I don’t do this?2023-07-22T09:26:55+00:00

Failure to adhere to ADA compliance can be costly. According to ClassAction.org, there were roughly three ADA website lawsuits filed per day in the first months of 2018. The velocity by which lawsuits are being filed is increasing daily.

Our simple solution, if nothing else, can provide a temporary “stop-gap” while you determine if you can achieve compliance using internal resources.

Why do I need this?2023-07-22T09:26:13+00:00

It is the law! ADA-compliant websites are included under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Taking proactive steps to ensure your external and internal website, as well as the candidate experience, can mitigate risk of potential legal action. While Federal law may still be ambiguous, civil law has been clear on this matter. Many companies have faced a lawsuit or fine for non-compliance.

ADA compliance is a federal issue. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 19 percent of the U.S. population had a disability in 2012. Failure to adhere to the regulations may result in fines, lawsuits, and a tarnished reputation.

We’re a small company, do we really need this?2023-07-22T09:25:12+00:00

No company is too small. In fact, predatory attorneys like to target smaller companies because they know they don’t have in-house counsel, HR deparments, or even IT staff. As a result, smaller companies are forced to simply settle the demand letter to avoid legal issues.

We’re here to help prevent that!

What types of disabilities do you address?2023-07-22T09:23:06+00:00

Our technology covers a wide range of disabilities, diseases, and various disorders. The system itself was developed in close cooperation with people with disabilities so that we observed throughout the development, how people with different disabilities navigate the Internet, what their challenges are, and how we can support them. Based on this information, we developed thae system’s technological and interface features.

Our system makes websites fully accessible for all legally required disabilities:

  • Full or partial blindness, using screen reading software such as NVDA or JAWS
  • Motor disabilities such as joint injuries, limb amputations
  • Parkinson’s disease (inability to use the mouse)
  • Epilepsy (seizures when flashing animations are running)
  • Cognitive disabilities such as memory disorders, dyslexia, people who’ve experienced a stroke
  • Various visual impairments such as color blindness, cataracts, and glaucoma

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